God is a God of order. He creates things to work in patterns and rhythms. He designed the earth to rotate, gravity to work in such a particular fashion and the seasons to come and go with such ease, creating the perfect rhythm for all things to work together, to work well and to sustain.
A few weeks ago I was discussing the last few months of my life with a friend. In the midst of the conversation she mentioned how she was needing to find order in her life. I immediately felt a sense of release. ORDER! The release of hearing a word that identifies a felt need was a huge relief. I was and am in need of order.
August was full of good things, I spoke for a summer camp at Mount Hermon, led worship for La Canada’s family camp at Mission Springs, held core team meetings for mentorship and vision casting and moved all of my earthly belongings into storage. September came and with it a new rhythm. The bible studies I help with and/or lead were up and running again after a summer hiadous, College students were coming back from their summer breaks and I could begin to feel the rhythm created by the U.S. school calendar beat. With September also comes a trip to Washington DC where I was able to meet with individuals, help with the National Student Leadership Forum on Fatih and Values and connect with a group of young women who God has placed in my life to love, pray for and encourage.
I arrived in San Diego, ready to move into my new home and went to set up shop, when I noticed the carpet was wet! A flood!!! After a few weeks the problem was taken care of and all repairs were made. This happened just in time for me to hop on another plane, this time to Oregon. I had been planning this trip for some time. For the past year I have prayed and prepared for a women’s adventure retreat where I was to be the spiritual director/guide for the experience.
It was just prior to this trip that I had the conversation about order with my friend. I think God was trying to tell me something. In a span of three days I heard two sermons and was encouraged by two women in their own journeys of finding order and rhythm.
The trip was beautiful. The leaves in the Hood River Valley had changed to pristine shades of yellow, orange and red. The rain fell lightly and the sun shown daily. I noticed how all of creation ran in perfect order. I was encouraged by the order found in creation.
Today I sit in my new condo with a plan to move in on Wednesday of this week. I am excited and ready to create order for myself in a new place.
God created us, I believe with a need for order. I believe order and rhythm, when found in the rhythm of Jesus and not personal control, are a beautiful thing to the onlooking world. I wonder what the world sees when they watch my life? I am challenged by that question, and desire to have a life that screams the name of Jesus in all things.
So today, I invite you to take a step back from your own life. Where do you see chaos ruling? To what rhythm have you fashioned your life’s song? My prayer for us as we journey together is that we’ll reflect the rhythm of Jesus and that the chaos that can tend to creep up will be stilled as life begins to play to the rhythm, the order of the master composer and creator, Jesus.

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