Seeing… it seems to me that sight is something most of us take for grant-id. Today I went to the eye doctor. It was amazing how complacent I’ve become with poor sight. The colors and images popped out at me when he adjusted the lenses so I could see.

I was reading a book in the waiting room by Richard Rohr titled Everything Belongs. I was reading the portion of the book which was talking about spiritual sight. He begs the question if we are able to truly see without going through suffering. Do we see God? Do we truly see others without being in touch with our humanity.

The frailty of our humanity. The suffering of humanity.

I have a dear friend who is going through a period of suffering. He has had so much of himself stripped away and has had every bit of his physical being stripped as well. He is in a period of suffering. A few months ago he was diagnosed with a disease that the doctors are not quite sure of how to treat. He went from being an active, hard working, hard playing, live life to the fullest type to now where he must sleep and can’t over exert himself. I’ve watched and have seen him change.

I am inspired by his sight! His growing sight. The sight that comes from the suffering of humanity.

I am in a period of life change. I am being continually drawn to the humanity of Jesus and am inspired by his suffering and awed by his divinity. He went through tremendous suffering, was fully human… He truly saw!

I have a theory that sight comes with age. Our physical sight may diminish with each passing year, but the sight that comes from the knowledge of the holy increases with each year. That sight, is the sight I long and pray for. The kind of sight that sees people and recognized the imprint of the divine. The kind of sight that shows wisdom. The kind of sight that changes things.

I pray that I will be given eyes to see, not just temporary lenses that can be taken on and off. I want to see. I want to see with clarity, depth, insight and love. I want to see like Jesus sees.

I’m studying the Sermon on the mount right now and amazed by the great length Christ goes to, to change people’s vision.

May yours and mine be changed too.

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