To Be Told

I spent a good chunk of yesterday with the folks at Discover the Journey ( They’ve been given an incredible opportunity to partner with CNN to tell the story of two orphan children in Haiti. CNN will be showing the film on May 8 and 9th.

We were working on an event at the Chinese Graumen Theatre for this coming Saturday. As we were working through the day we paused and had a brief conversation about story. The desire of this bright and brilliant production company is to tell the stories of children around the globe, being an advocate for them.
I am convinced that story telling is one of the greatest ways to connect with the heart of a person. I believe it is in story that we find life and beauty, laughter and tears, the glory of victory and the pain of defeat. In story we find a connection to the the heart of a person.
Because of this we seek to use stories to communicate about those things we love or the pain we feel. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard a friend speak of her engagement by giving me a bullet point list of facts. And why not? Because an engagement is a story bursting with life and the soon to be bride can’t wait to chronicle the experience so the hearer can relive it with her, as she relives the story in its telling.
What are the stories you are telling today? What are the stories needing to be told? The one’s that connect with your deepest emotions, greatest and hidden experiences and beautiful encounters with life. As you tell your story, watch as those around you engage in its telling.
And if you can’t think of a story to tell, tell the story of something good going on in the world around you, advocate for someone by telling his/her story, find a story, live a new one, or tell the story of Jesus. There are a billion stories out there to be told. Find them! Live them! Tell Them!

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