What is it that I want?

That is a question that has been burning in my mind for some time. If someone were to look at my life and answer the question for me, how would they answer?
I’ve always had a difficult time with focus. I have a gazillion interests. I am a person of vision. I love to do just about anything and I’m not afraid of much. This poses a problem when deciding on a path for life.
A few years back a friend put a piece of paper in front of me and said, “okay Cari, these are the things I’ve heard you say you are doing, you want to do or you believe you will do one day. Now you have one minute. Pick one!” I froze. i actually panicked a little. I ended up crying with him. “I can’t pick! they are all too important!”
I remember when I was a kid my sisters and I would play make believe. Connie would almost always be a mom, Christy a teacher and me, well, my career changed just about every time. I was an interior decorator, a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, a recording artist, my career changed almost every time we’d play.” I have been a person of a million ideas since I popped out of the womb.
So as I’ve walked the last few years in a new way, I’ve wrested with the question of, “what is my life about? what do I do?” I actually get the opportunity to participate in many activities. I get to use multiple gift sets. And I love all that I do, but what exactly is the end result.
No matter what the task is before us daily on our to do list, we each get to ask our selves the question. What is it that we want out of life? What is it that we do to accomplish what we want out of life? This is a much larger question than how will I make money.
I have now asked two people what they believe it is that I want, they actually both said the same thing. I’m hoping to learn more about this as I continue to invite the wise in my life to speak into me.
What about you? What do you want? Here are a few ideas on how to get started answering that question for yourself:
1. Make a list of all the things you want in life, study it, is there a theme? Is there an idea that is common in them all?
2. Ask 5 of your closest friends to tell you what they think you want.
3. Spend some time with a wise person to talk about all your wants. let them ask you questions and listen to their input. See what they say at the end of the conversation. (Note: the conversation may be longer than a one time event.)
4. Talk with Jesus. See what comes to mind as you ask Him what you want.
Take a moment to write below what you want. Write what you think I want. And see what happens as you live towards getting what you want out of life.

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