15 lessons

While training for this marathon I’m running I’ve learned a few things are very important:

1. Sleep
2. Being dedicated to the process
3. Having cheerleaders
4. Telling my stories of running
5. Eating the right foods
6. Not eating the right foods
7. Eating enough food
8. Stretching
9. Consistency
10. Present moment thinking (if I think of how much I’ve yet to do, FREAK OUT! but in the moment I can just keep going)
11. Ice
12. Listen to my body
13. Consume calories while I’m working out
14. Epson Salt after a run
15. Don’t over do it
These are all new lessons for me as I’ve not been a runner before.
What are the lessons you’ve learned that would be helpful for me as I prepare to run? Advice? tips?
I think, as in most life lessons, we can also learn a spiritual parallel. Just as there are many lessons learned to be able to run the race and finish well, there are many lessons to be learned to run our spiritual race and finish well. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned are important a long the way in my spiritual race.
1. It is a process
2. Don’t go at it alone.
3. I need cheerleaders
4. I need to tell my story
5. Ask questions
6. Take time to reflect
7. Study the model (Jesus)
8. Spend time with the model
9. Seek to put into practice as I’m going, not when I have it figured out
10. Own my weaknesses
11. Give away myself often
12. Receive
13. Listen
14. Stay in the now
15. Place hope only in the one sure thing, Jesus… all else will lead to disappointing end.
What are lessons you’ve learned in your own spiritual race preparation?

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