A story worth telling

Some friends of mine are amazing story tellers. They use a camera, a video camera and lots of storyboarding to tell the stories of children from around the world. They advocate for children by telling their stories.

When the earthquake shook Haiti and buildings came crashing down and lives were taken. It was a horrific event. This group was there as quickly as possible. They had been to Haiti before shooting some footage for an orphanage called The Lighthouse. After the earthquake they were flown in to continue the story. They were joined by CNN new’s correspondent Soledad O’Brien. It seems as though God wanted this story to be told.
They worked long hours and tirelessly filmed, interviewed and captured images all while the earth continued to shake, buildings continued to collapse and the entire country was in crisis.
This young film production company, Discover the Journey, has an amazing opportunity before them to tell the story of two young orphan children in Haiti, before and after the earthquake.
CNN will be showing the film on May 8th and 9th. If you are able to, turn your tv on and watch it! It will open your eyes to amazing things. Your heart to the stories of those around you and hopefully a life to respond in some way. As we each play a role today!
RESCUED: airs on CNN May 8th and 9th!

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