The Antique Road Show: The things I collect

I am a collector. I treasure the things I collect by making time and space for them in my life. I travel to spend time with the things I collect. I give money and the best of me to the things I collect. The things I collect form me and in their own way pour back into me.

Yes, I’m a crazy collector. No you won’t find me on the Antique Road Show. Well at least not for a few years.

I am a collector of people and stories. I love them! Today  I woke up at the home of my friends Matt and Rebecca. I’m thankful for each of them and their inviting me into their home, but more importantly their lives and their stories. Waking up in this place makes me thankful for the people that I’ve collected over the years. I am wealthy in relationships.

So today my goal is to tell every person I’ve made a part of my collection that I love them and I’m glad they’ve made their way into the most priceless collection I could possibly own.

Share one way you’ve been formed by what you collect.

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