what does love look like?

I’ve been thinking a lot these days about obedience. It’s not a favorite topic of most. But it has become one of my favorite topics as of late. It’s become such as I’ve stepped out in obedience over the past few months and have lived some of the best weeks of my story to date.

In John 15 Jesus is talking with his disciples and he says, if you love me you’ll obey my commands. Obedience is an act of love?

What are the things you obey? Do you obey your mom? Dad? Teachers? Thirst? Hunger? Dreams? Friends?  The things we give voice to and the things that prompt us to act are often very much things we love. Let’s say you eat every time you feel the call of food, or see a commercial for something tasty. Maybe it’s that you are thirsty and you follow the commercials leading to obey your thirst? Maybe you want to reach a certain place in your career so you obey the guidelines given.

We give voice to a lot of things in our lives. So when Jesus says, if you love me you’ll obey my commands, it isn’t too surprising. By responding to his commands we’re confirming His love for us and our love for Him in response.

As I’ve run the past few months I’ve seen how obeying the program before me, to prepare to for my marathon, has worked. I’ve chosen to trust the program and submit and obey its guidelines…. and the results? I’ll be running my first marathon in less than 2 weeks.

As I’ve listened to the voice of Jesus and have responded out of obedience my life has been rich and full and good. He too knows what is best and knows the right steps to navigate me through life. Submission to Him in obedience is really saying to him, “I love you and I trust your love for me.” It is the opposite of the fall, where Eve said, “I don’t trust your love for me and I won’t submit to your idea of what is best,” and we all know and live in how that turned out.

Jesus wasn’t giving us a law to follow so He could prove that He was God and to lord over us with a strong arm. He was giving us a guidebook to follow to live in abundance. Following the truth and living in obedience truly is freedom.

How has obedience set you free? What do you think of Obedience as an expression of love?

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