Real Life: Life change and obedience

Have you ever wanted to make a life change? Or at least knew that you need to. A lot of times we know we need to make a change, but simply don’t or feel we can’t.

Last night I was reading in the book of Matthew in chapter 7. Basically Jesus had given this fairly lengthy speech on living a good life. He set a whole new standard and then, the big finish. He says now not everyone who speaks as if they follow, actually follow. And, if you hear and do not put these words into practice you are like a foolish builder who builds his house on the sand. When the storm comes the house crashes.

I was doing some reading on the two passages and couldn’t get the idea out of my mind, these words are so practical for many reasons. They hold both eternal truth and daily truth. When it comes to life change, these words are central.

Lets say two people decide to change from living an unhealthy lifestyle to living one that is more healthy. These two people could both be saying that they are living healthily and, on the outside, they could both be publicly eating well and saying they’re working out and such. But, the whole time one is lying. As soon as he isn’t in public any longer, his whole lifestyle changes. One looses weight, the other stays the same. He said he submitted to living in a healthy way, but didn’t truly submit.

Or in the case of the foolish builder. One may hear and believe that they need to make a certain change in life. Yet, believing only gets you so far. It is action that proves belief.

Action is the evidence of what one says and believes is true. I can go around saying that I believe I need to eat more healthy and work out consistently, but it isn’t until I actually do that my life begins to change. Our life choices are the proof of what we truly believe.

So when you are wanting to make a change, or saying you want to make a change or even just know that you want to make a change in some way large or small, think about what your life says about what you believe today. What do your choices say about what you believe? Evaluate, and ask your self if you’re ready to submit to a new belief.

The idea of submitting to a new belief is a bit harder than it looks. It is much easier to believe in a concept than submit to it when it is out of our norm. I’ve been working on submitting to a new concept as I believe when I submit my life to Jesus, He desires for me to care for my body as though it’s His home. I’ve known that for a long time. But I haven’t practiced submitting to that belief until recently. And it still is a struggle.

How about you? Take a moment today or sometime this week to think about the things you believe. Think about the choices you know you need to make, but don’t. Make a list of the attributes you’d like to possess as a person and then ask yourself, why you do not possess these attributes today? and what does my life say about what I submit to? You might find it interesting. You might find that the old adage, it’s easier said than done, is correct. And, you may just find out why you’ve not been able to make the changes you’ve wanted in your life.

Yesterday, when I was reminded that action proves belief and loyalty or submission to a person or idea, I realized why the life change I’ve wanted to make has been stalled. I’ve been submitting to the wrong master! It’s time to re-calibrate. It is time to repent, as in turn and walk a new way. And it is time to confess that the master I’ve given myself to in this particular area of needed life change, is doing me no good.

So on this Sunday. Take a look, what do your actions say you believe? Where do you speak about things you believe but your actions don’t follow? and where do you want to experience life change and need to start with changing what you’ve chosen to submit to?

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