Real Life: Real love, reminders from The Bachelorette????

I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. I am going to write about “the Bachelorette!”

Last night I was with some friends. We sat on the couch all settled in, a cupcake in hand and a remote control readily available. We were ready to enter into the story of Ali as she was on her own personal quest to find her soul mate. It was the first time I had watched the show with these girls as they live in the East Bay area of San Francisco and my home is in San Diego. I was glad to watch the show with some people I loved and was anticipating the bantor and comments that would come as we watched the drama unfold.

I have only watched a few episodes this season. And it is a guilty pleasure I am slightly ashamed to admit I take part in. But, for this one night. I was glad I watched.

On this particular episode, Ali, the young blonde beauty, was to visit the families of four men who have formed intimate relationships with her. I was struck by the depth of feeling with which  these men spoke of Ali, someone they hadn’t even known six weeks earlier. I was also struck by the risk it took for every person involved as families welcomed the young couple in. This risk had always felt like TV to me in the past. But one family last night made it real.

Ali went to visit the family of a guy named Chris. Chris had lost his mother this past year and spoke often of his love for her and his love for his family. Immediately upon the arrival of Chris’s family, he became comfortable and there was a noticeable deep love present for one another. They asked good questions, there was a deep sense of caring. There was a sense of belonging that was beyond just simply “sharing blood” it was deep and it was real.

As i watched the family interact I saw proof of love. And I was reminded of some of the ways love looks like in public.

I learned that real love anticipates being in the same company with one another.

Real love, speaks often the words of the heart.

Real love, anticipates love for others.

Real love, hopes.

Real love, remembers.

Real love, cares deeply that one makes right choices.

Real love, is unselfish.

Real love, is comfortable and yet incredibly vulnerable.

Real love, speaks truth and invites others to speak truth as well.

Real love, asks the tough questions.

Real love, risks.

Real love, is known simply by being in the presence of the one loving.

Real love, matters.

As I watched this family interact I got teary. Not because I was so moved by the beauty of a budding TV relationship, but I was moved by the visible evidence of a deep, real and intimate bond and love that was present in the midst of this family.

Love is a powerful thing and it is so beautiful. Watching these scenes, the powerful, yet simple evidence of love in a family was worth the time spent. It painted a picture for me of the love that I long for people around me to know. I long for the lonely, the outcast, the leader, the single, the married, the wealthy, the poor, I long for all people, everywhere to taste a love that is deep and real. And I believe and have seen that love comes from Jesus. He is at work in the world. He is creating a beautiful thing, that when seen both confuses and stands out. John knew this when he spoke of evidence of Jesus in the life of someone. “A new command I give you, LOVE one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all will know that you follow me, if you love one another.” You’d think he was trying to get a point across.

My hope is that the love this family has, that was displayed in homes around the country, will inspire people. I pray and hope that those who follow Jesus will continually paint an even greater picture of love as we love those around us. The impact will be greater than anything we could ask or think.

What is a picture of love you’ve seen? What other evidence of love is there for the naked eye?

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