In one way or another we are all possessed by something. We are possessed by things and our lives show evidence of what possesses us.

We could point out when something is possessed by evil. In fact we, as people, are fascinated by it. There are movies made about it. There are books written, stories told and fears instilled about the evil that could possess us. We call those possessed by evil: demon possessed

People can be possessed by self. And all of life seems to pour out of a need to make self look a certain way, or to have life be all about meeting every desire of self. We called those possessed by self: self-centered.

Does debt possess you? fear? other’s opinions? Maybe it’s hope, joy, or peace?

Our lives show off what possesses us.

I was reading in the story of St. Therese of Lisuex an exchange of letters between Therese and another woman, Marie.  Therese had written a lengthy letter describing her realized vocation and this was Marie’s response:

….Yes, love you do possess; but not I!… I fear all that you love…I was very close to weeping as I read lines which are not of earth, but an echo from the Heart of God…May I tell you? I will: you are possessed by the good God: literally possessed, exactly as the wicked are by the devil.

What an incredible picture. You are literally possessed! This is the kind of evidence I believe is required of each of us as we follow after Jesus. That our lives are literally possessed by God.  We then are filled with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control.  It is as though we’ve been taken over and it is no longer I who live, or you who lives, but Christ who lives in me and you.

Our lives are marked by what possesses us.

And when we submit our lives to Christ, then we begin to live in and through Him, rather than out of self.  We won’t be perfect, just like I wrote about yesterday, we seek to do good, and there is a greater battle going on. There is good we want to do, and often we end up doing the bad we don’t want to do. When possessed by something, the major source of action stems from that which owns or possesses.

What possesses you? Could Marie have written you with the same words she’d written Therese of Lisuex?

What are your thoughts?

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