How to know if it is really an apple tree after all

What if we were to live as though the only King we served was Jesus and the law we followed was His law of perfect love?

Each of us submits to something. We submit to an idea, a belief, a person and the result of that submission is seen in our actions. If you and I say we belong to a different Kingdom, the Kingdom of God, where Jesus is King, then our lives will show it.

Often we get it backwards. We do a bunch of actions so that we can prove we’re a part of the club, or we’ve chosen to submit to something or someone. Our actions then become something we do to earn a particular thing or place.  But that is backwards from the teachings of Jesus. He taught that our behaviors are a result of believing and rooting, not to prove a point or earn a good standing in the eyes of God. He taught that if we believe He is our King, then we look like it. Just like you can tell a tree is an apple tree, by the fact it grows apples.

Jesus paints a picture in His most famous sermon of what His Kingdom is like and how one can tell a person hears, believes, and roots himself in Jesus.

I have spent a lot of time reading over His words recorded by His friend Matthew. (Matthew 5-7) And I’ve discovered a few ideas that speak to what a person looks like when they serve Jesus and submit to Him as King. Take a look.

  • Recognize your dependence on Jesus
  • Be humble
  • Hunger and thirst for that which is good and righteousness
  • Be full of mercy
  • Have a heart with pure motives
  • Make peace
  • You’ll be persecuted and it is good
  • Stand out! Be salt. Be light.  Light up a whole city.
  • Don’t be filled with anger or hatred
  • Make things right, be a people of reconciliation
  • Look at each other with purity
  • Actively run from lust and immorality
  • Make an oat and keep it
  • When you marry – treat the decision and relationship as though it is sacred not something easily thrown away, fight for it!
  • Be a person of your word
  • Be generous with others
  • There is no need for revenge
  • Love everyone in all circumstances
  • Do good things only for God
  • Actually do good and be generous always, but don’t go around flaunting it like you’re just that cool. Do it simply because it is right.
  • Pray only to commune, connect with, depend on and worship Jesus. Prayer is always an act of showing submission to Jesus
  • Fast only for the glory of Jesus and to connect with him in a deeper way
  • Store up treasures for yourself that will last. Things that will last through eternity.
  • Show you trust Jesus in all circumstances
  • There is no need to judge others – that is the responsibility of God.  Be responsible for your own self
  • Utterly depend on Jesus in all things
  • Following Jesus isn’t an easy road, but it’s the only road to life
  • We hear and believe a lot of things in our minds. Take it a step further. Believe in Jesus and let your actions be the proof of your belief.
  • We each build the foundation of our lives on something. Build it in Jesus, He is the only foundation that will not crumble when tested.

Now take a breath, read the list again. Take another breath! You can’t keep this list. It is actually impossible for you. But when you’re rooted in Jesus, these attributes, attitudes and actions are the result.

What have you noticed about your life as you’ve chosen to submit to Jesus as King? Do you see evidence of Him being in you and working through you?

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