A matter of desire

Desire is a funny thing. It can spring up on you in an instant or be something that aches so deeply within your heart that it can at times make it difficult to breathe. I was sitting at home tonight watching a movie when I realized once again, I desire more than this.

I desire a life that screams of Jesus. A life full of love and laughter and risk. I desire a life rich in community and a life that breathes in deeply each moment before me as though each were a gift.

Tonight my desires cause an ache with in me. It has only been as of late that I’ve been allowing my self to desire for me. I desire often for others. And I believe that those have been desires deeply embedded with in me. And in the midst of desiring for others, I’ve some how gotten lost in the picture.

Learning how to desire for self is a matter of risk. When I walk with others as they live in desire, it is easy for me to trust that the God I serve desires good for them. Of course God wants good for His children. If someone you loved asked you for bread, would you give them a stone? (I think I’ve read that somewhere) You see allowing myself to desire for me allows opens me to trust.

When I desire, I risk and I have to trust the Lord as the keeper of my desires. So today, my choice is to admit those things that I long for deep within my heart and trust that the giver of all good things, the Father of Lights, will see and provide.

I wonder what this season will turn out to be?

What do you do with the deepest desires in your heart? Do they lead you to trust?

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