Love as art

I’ve been in numerous conversations of late with others about being artists.  I’ve talked with photographers, actors, musicians, cosmetologists, film makers and the like.  Each person has a particular message they’d like to communicate and use a medium of various sorts to communicate the message.

It has been in recent years that I’ve acknowledged and lived in the fact that I am an artist.  I may not fill blank canvases, sculpt, dance, play an instrument or sell anything on etsy, but I am an artist. I have a particular process that to some doesn’t feel like process. I think in color. I embrace whimsy and I believe that there is art simply to living well and relating with others.

Last night a friend and I were talking. We were sharing our stories, laughing, crying and engaging in the kind of conversation that inspires me. We were talking about being artists and I made the statement, “I know I sing, write, decorate, do flowers and occasionally act, but I’ve never thought of myself as an artist.  But I’ve come to realize that I believe and live in relationship as art. I create experiences for people to inspire an intended outcome and it is art.”  My friend smiled and shared with me a quote by Vincet Van Gogh, “There is nothing truly more artistic than to love.”

Instantly I felt understood.

What do you think? Is love an art form? Are relationships a canvas?

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