Chased by Boulders

I’m having a hard time thinking of something to write today. There has been a lot going on in life. It seems that creativity can sometimes get lost when life is overwhelming. In days of late I’ve felt much like a cartoon character who is about to get run over by the big boulder chasing him.  I can just see it. I’m running and running with a boulder 20 times the size of me just licking my heals! I can’t out run it, but don’t want to get run over, so I just keep running.

One thing I never understood in the cartoon version of the predicament was why didn’t the character just step out of the way?  I mean the boulder could only go the one direction and the character could move in several directions. So, why didn’t the character just run to the side?

In days of late I’ve felt a similar feeling. I felt like my only option was to either out run the boulder or to get run over by it. But there is a third way. The third way is to step aside and assess the situation.

I’m going to Oregon this week to do just that. I’m going to be leading a retreat and will also be taking some time to step aside and reassess. I can hardly wait!

Are you in a place where you need to step aside? I think God knew we people are crazy. He invited us to BE STILL and in doing so we’d be able to recognize Him.  I think stepping aside can be a great place of stillness.

Is there a boulder chasing you? Take a deep breath and get out of the way!


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