What do you rest in

I was talking with a friend the other day about rest. We were discussing it’s meaning and the general idea of rest. This friend shared with me that they did not know how to rest. I believe this is common. I believe it is common because I don’t believe we  fully understand the idea of rest.

Take a moment and think about how you would define rest.

Did you imagine yourself on a beach somewhere without a care in the world? Or were you taking a nap, watching a movie? Maybe you can not imagine rest.

I believe that rest is more than a physical rest or pause. When Jesus invites us to Come to Him so that we would find rest. I am pretty sure He wasn’t inviting us to take a nap with him. I believe that he was inviting our souls to rest in Him. When we rest in something, we are virtually taking up residence in that thing. We rest in that idea or we can rest in the truth.  When we rest in Jesus, we are abiding in him.  This idea he also talks about in John 15 when Jesus says, “abide in me for apart from me you can do nothing.”

I believe Jesus is inviting us to rest ourselves in him. And by doing so, we will find that our souls are restful. He is inviting us to find our value in him.  When we dirive our value from something, we rest in it.

Think about it. From what source does your value come? Do you get value from  your job? from performance? from being beautiful? How about being a great mom? Being well liked? Having lots of friends? There are countless options, because we each find something. We each rest in something.

Jesus invites us to rest in him. Anything else will not do.  In fact anything else will lead to the opposite effect: unrest. And living in a state of unrest usually lead to things that kill, steal and destroy. When I choose to rest in being well liked and someone doesn’t like me? What does that do to me? If I rest in my job and I get a bad review or someone is hired in the job I thought I deserved, what does that do to me? If I find my value in being beautiful and I put on a few pounds, loose my hair, get in an accident or someone else more attractive moves into my circle, how do I respond?

Resting in these things will always lead to unrest, because there is no security to be found in them. The only place I’ve found that does not shift or change or waver is in Jesus. For his opinion of me never changes.

Take a moment and think about what it is that you rest in.

Now do this, how does it work or look to rest in Jesus? What is His opinion of you? Share your answers with us. If you don’t know what His opinion of you is, ask… I would love to help you discover it!

Take up residence in Him!

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