Rest in the Way of Jesus: 10 things I’ve learned from Jesus on how to live

Jesus is good. He desires good for you. He is the way truth and life. As we live, we have a model for how we too can live. Jesus was not idle, he worked diligently, but he knew rest. We can learn form that.

Here are a few things I’ve learned from Jesus. When I walk this way I experience rest.

1. Find identity in Christ. His opinion of me does not change and He thinks I’m pretty great!

2. Have good friends. Surround yourself with people who will speak truth over you, fight for you, walk with you and believe in you. People who will constantly point you to Jesus and will be people who will speak life over you. People desire for you to experience life to the full and sacrifice for you, and you for them. There is a great sense of “WE” in the way of Jesus. (For further reading check out Don Miller’s blog from September 23rd.)

3. Be a person who serves. Serve when it is easy, when it is hard and when it is seemingly impossible! Serve always.

4. Be a person of reconciliation. With friendship as a huge priority, Jesus also cared about those relationships being healthy. Do whatever you can to lie at peace with others. Seek forgiveness and be stubborn about reconciliation. Relationships are sacred. Fight for them!

5. Use the gifts you’ve been given to bless others and worship God. Your very actions, skill sets and life are to be used for the glory of God and to serve those around you. Use them, do not hide them under a bushel!

6. Be a person of compassion. Compassion moves one from noticing a need or crisis or hurt to act. Respond to your hearts cries of compassion for others.

7. Be a person of justice. When the created world or any human being is being treated in a way that spits in the face of their value, fight to make it right. People are a reflection of the Creator, every single person is of value and needs to be fought for! The created world is the majestic creation of an Almighty Creator, when it is treated poorly it reflects the way we value the Creator himself. CARE ABOUT THINGS WIH YOUR ACTION!. As Cornell West say, “Justice is what love looks like in public.”

8. Have your hope set on eternal things. Things of this world will pass away. Jesus remains!

9. Be generous with your life, time, energy, resources and opinions of others!

10. Above all: LOVE. Love with your mind, your heart, your soul, your strength, and your actions. Love well. Love all. Love with vengeance. Love stubbornly! Love fiercely. Love softly. Love completely. Love selflessly! LOVE LOVE LOVE

When I walk this way. I know rest, a kind that comes from one who is gentle and humble in heart. When I walk this way, I walk with Jesus. Oh isn’t He good! Imagine if we all lived in the way he set before us.

Ask him to increase in you that you’d live in his way too!  (Take up residence in Him!)

How else can you live out the way of Jesus?

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