How to ruin life for the better.

I spent the last weekend with three incredible women. We hiked, picked apples in a gorgeous valley, cooked, laughed, cried, prayed, attended a two day seminar by Don Miller, and ran through fountains. It was a lovely time. It was a powerful time. Weekends like this refresh, renew and ruin me.

I mean ruin in every sense of the word. They ruin:

My ability to settle for surface relationship

My satisfaction level with facade living

My understanding of community

My ability to be satisfied with living a half full life

My thought that these moments are temporary, but are not easily maintained

My lethargic attitude towards learning

My acceptance that mundane is what life has to offer

These things are all ruined for me when I spend a weekend being alive in relationship. When you and I agree with any of the above statements we are choosing to live a fairly colorless life. When we are satisfied to merely exist rather than LIVE, we become a character in a play that no one really wants to watch.

But when the list above is ruined and we become people who crave life, and LIVING, we become people whose stories evoke some kind of response. People don’t always know what to do with individuals who want more than a nice car and a big house.  And there is so much more to be had.

At the Storyline Seminar, Don Miller said, “Love wins in the end, not fame, not money, not being right.” I couldn’t agree more. And love is truly what makes you and I live well.  So today as you seek to go throughout the tasks before you, think to yourself, is the way I’m living reflecting the life of the Creator, which is expressed by love? Am I living a life that is full and abundant? or am I settling in some way?

I believe that the lives of those who “give all to love” as Emerson writes and Jesus lived reflect well the image in which they were created. And it is good.

So go! Look for ways to be active in your own story and make a choice to love well and live fully!

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