Want that leaves us wanting.

Wanting is something we seemingly do easily. We want pizza so we order it. We want a new dress or pair of shoes, a new job perhaps. We want all kinds of things and the truth is in all of our wanting many of do not allow ourselves to connect with the things that we really want.

The noise of the temporary wants clouds the voice of the truest want with in us. Coming to a place where we can name that which we want is important. It is important for us to search our heart and see what moves us, what makes us angry, what stirs, excites or creates a sense of longing within.  Want, true want is often an indication of that which will direct our life path.  We want something so we aim for it. We work towards it and we make decisions to lead us to obtaining that which we want.

Not knowing what we want causes us to live a messy story. We bounce around like a ball in a pin ball machine desperately seeking fulfillment and yet never land. Only paying attention to temporary wants can lead us to living a story that also does not fulfill. We want a new car, purchase it and are left wanting, because that want isn’t a want that will bring purpose or meaning into the world or one’s life.

It is important to narrow down our wants to those things that we truly want, not just things that would make us feel good or would fulfill a wish. Want is where the ache is found when it’s not met. I don’t think anyone has ever actually ached because they didn’t get a new xbox game.

When one is left wanting, they are left with an unfulfilled, unsatisfied, longing that aches deep within. And this my friends is why many of us do not wish to WANT. We wish to remain in the noise of wishes and the practice of ignoring the wants within because to feel a want that we do not know how to obtain is too painful.

In the States we are used to getting what we want when we want it and to be in a place where we are unable to get what we want, when we think we deserve it… it is as though we do not know how to live in such a place. Therefore, we disguise or ignore wants at all.

The thing is we’ve come to place our hope in wants. And when we do that and our want is not obtained how or when we think… our hope is challenged. Hope must always be placed in something eternal and that my friends is in the person of Jesus and the hope of the promise He’s given. Everything else will leave us wanting.

Has that been your experience? Do you know what you want? Do you trust Jesus to hold your wants?  Let me know what you think.

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