Last Words

Have you ever noticed that it is at the end of things where people say the stuff that really counts. Someone moves and words are spoken that have needed to be for months if not years. A person knows that they are at the end of their life’s journey and they begin to speak the things that they’ve been holding in.  The people who surround them also begin to speak the things that really matter, words of encouragement, memories that have impacted lives and words of hope, truth and life.

The end of things brings out a sense of urgency that deeply influences the things that matter.  And in the end relationships come out on top.

So what if we were to live like this every day and live each day as if it were our last? What if you and I were to take the time to speak the things our heart wants to but often silences?

On a quest to live well and to love well, there is a need to sense urgency. To sense the importance of making sure those in our lives know how very much we value them, to treat those we meet on the street, across the counter, at the gas station with a sense of how can I speak the words that really matter to them?

Love is an urgent matter.

Love is a daily, moment by moment matter and it has no regard for position.  Treat people how you’d treat them if you knew it was their very last day to be alive. Speak to them the things that matter, things of life and truth, lovely, pure, holy and right. And leave each encounter with another as though it was your last.  Work through conflict, forgive, reach out, encourage and receive.

Love is always a matter of urgency. Let your mouth speak your last words first!


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