I like to travel in pairs

Two by two. Most of the time when people hear that phrase they think of animals piling into a large boat. But I’m talking about a different pairing. One without the stench of animals. I’m referring to the fact that as we go through life and we live life on mission, we must not go at it alone.

Jesus sent his followers out in pairs. Paul as he traveled always had someone with him, nearly every letter had a greeting from someone other than himself. Peter wasn’t in prison alone and Jesus himself traveled with others. It is crucial we don’t go at things by our selves.

Somehow we’ve learned that real success is when you can reach the top alone and when you can do all things by yourself.  When you’re capable of being a one man/woman show. I know I’ve struggled with this. Being a woman who’s single and in my mid 30’s I’ve come to learn that extreme self sufficiency is more than praised, it’s expected.

Yesterday I was talking with a young man who had been on a year long service trip. He traveled with a group of about 20 of his peers for a year serving the poor and giving out of the love of Jesus to many internationally.  He talked about how he’d grown and how life and faith was so much easier as they served along side of oneanother. Then he talked about how difficult it was when he’d returned. He went from being surrounded to being alone.

I was struck by the idea that somehow we know that we can’t send people on short term mission trips alone, as people need each other in the new environment. And once again I’m left wondering if we’re missing something. If we send people out to serve with a group, how much more do we need a group with which to belong as we serve and live daily?

Jesus knew what he was doing when he sent his followers out to serve in pairs. When one falls down there is someone there for him. Don’t take relationship for granted. Find a person, or persons to travel through life with and go at this thing called life together. And as you go, encourage one another, help one another, give to one another and maybe then, that community the young man talked about experiencing on his short term mission trip will become a daily reality for each of us.

Who do you travel with? Do you think you need to go at it alone? What keeps you from going 2×2?

One thought on “I like to travel in pairs

  1. I usually love your posts, Cari, but todays struck me in a less-than-pleasant way. Using the phrase “stench of animals” bothered me. I can’t explain it, but it seemed so .. disrespectful .. to use the term to describe some of God’s most amazing, forgiving, accepting and, dare i say it, LOVING creations. Speaking of any living, breathing beings in a such a way just doesn’t seem right. After all, you’d never walk by a homeless person and complain of their “stench”.

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