I got the @#$% kicked out of me

My mind at times is my worst enemy. It’s a place where all bets are off, political correctness and manners of any kind do not apply. There is no holding back in my mind, especially towards self.

Tuesday was a day like that for me. It was as though my mind decided it wanted to take up boxing and decided my heart and mind would make a great punching bag.        All day.

The enemy found in the foolish rants, ramblings and bashings against self did nothing but steal from the life I’d been invited to live and all too often I agree with each lie allowing it to form me. I have to make an effort to fight against such things.

Tuesday night, I needed to fight as I felt the battle. I took blow after blow. My heart was weary and tired and by 9:30 p.m. I was done fighting. I wanted to wave the white flag of surrender, and was just about to give up when the phone chimed, a friend had texted. I welcomed the diversion, and knew that I needed to invite my friend into my mess. I could no longer fight alone. I asked her to pray and I told her the stream of lies to which I was about to surrender. She spoke against each lie and then painted a new picture for the next morning.

As I went to bed, the lies that were about to take me captive were silenced and I was able to sleep with a sense of anticipation for Wednesday. It was in speaking the lie that its power was diluted and I was redirected to truth, life and restoration.

How do you stop or fight against the lies that come to beat you up?


2 thoughts on “I got the @#$% kicked out of me

  1. Holy cow Cari!! This post hit really close to home! It’s amazing how we are able to tell ourselves horrible, awful things that we’d NEVER say to anyone else.

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