Fog, free cars, neighbors and provision

Monday night I was flying back to San Diego from Washington DC. About an hour out the captain of the plane announced over the speakers that we were going to be redirected to LAX because San Diego was fogged in.

GREAT! It was already going to be 10:30 and I had a long day ahead of me on Tuesday. One could say I was less than thrilled.

The plane landed in LA and taxied as they tried to figure out where to put us. Once that was figured out a plan unfolded on how we would get to our final destination. We each collected our luggage and awaited a bus to pick us up. We were told it would take at least another hour for the bus to arrive. I met Courtney and the two of us decided to rent a car. We hopped on a bus, traveled to Alamo and rented a car. We then headed back to the terminal and sold the extra seats in the car. We were able to cover the cost of the car and the gas home and everyone got door to door service, a win win.

I had a full day ahead of me on Tuesday and decided I’d just use the rental since I had it and drove around all day. Once I dropped the car off at Alamo I went home and prepped for my evening. I later went to my car  and tried to start it, nothing happened. My car would not start! I was on a schedule and I needed to get to where I was going. I went to the lobby of my building and called a few friends to see if they could pick me up. Before anyone answered a neighbor walked by the lobby. He was going to the same place I was and offered a ride.

So without me knowing it I had a car for my appointments and a ride to my next meeting without having to go out and look for it. God was preparing in advance and it was evident.

I wonder how many times we miss God’s provision in advance because we are not looking for it. Celebrate and praise as God is big and desires to care for his children.

How have you known God’s provision in your life?

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