The Movie Told Me It Was True

I started watching a movie this past weekend where there was a very blatant agenda. It was amazing to me how powerful story can be. This particular story wanted to get the audience to believe a certain way about one people group and about the motives of an other people group.

I couldn’t watch the entire movie. It troubled me. I wonder how much of life is formed by what is put in front of us, without our even recognizing it. Do we hold things against others because we have watched a movie that led us to a certain belief about them? Do we believe things about those who govern us based upon fiction? Is our world view being formed by the opinions of others? And if so, are we careful to whom we listen?

I just wonder what would happen if we were able to step back and see things from the perspective of Jesus? Would our view of others change? How would our world view be impacted? Would we be more generous? Loving? Caring? Passionate about justice? What story is forming your opinions of others?

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