Car Alarms and Advent a Prophetic Turn of Events

Sunday morning I was participating in a worship service. We were singing songs and reading from the text of Scripture as a car alarm just outside the building was blaring. It was incredibly loud. People were getting antsy as they tried to pay attention. Heads turned, looking back to see if anyone was addressing the noise. Others were shifting, some were praying for silence and still others continued to raise their voices in song.

As I tried to sing I couldn’t help but think that I was living in a sacred moment. The morning’s theme was Peace. The first Sunday of Advent. We daily, anxiously, await the peace that is offered in the person of Jesus. And here we were, setting aside an entire morning to the idea of peace, and we were met with nothing but noise, interruption and  chaos. Funny.

That sounds about right actually. We long for peace. We pursue it. And in the midst of that pursuit we run into noise, interruption and chaos! Peace isn’t natural. We live in a world that constantly seeks to steal our peace.

The car alarm continued through most of the morning. I don’t know if others thought about the reality the car alarm offered, but that morning the noise of the alarm spoke loudly as it was juxtaposed with the gift of peace we’re offered in Jesus. As the alarm continued to blare, my heart continued to long for my expectant Jesus. My heart longed to connect with the peace He brings, the peace which is his very character and I was drawn to worship in chaos.

As you walk through each day, seek peace and pursue it. Even in the midst of the noise, interruption and chaos. It can be found!

O Come O Come Emmanuel

How do you connect with Peace in the midst of noise?

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