A Season of Consumption

Christmas. A season of giving. A season of peace. A season of love, hope and joy. These are the words that come to mind when I think of the concept of Christmas. In theory, Christmas is about sacrifice, as we reflect on the gift given to us in the person of Jesus. God loved so, that He gave His only son and that is something worth celebrating!

We celebrate Christmas to celebrate the coming of Jesus. We celebrate Christmas because of sacrifice. We celebrate Christmas in response to selflessness. And we celebrate Christmas by becoming selfish and self indulgent! We’ve twisted a season of sacrifice and have created a season of consumption.

Although the Christmas season in theory is known for selflessness, the Christmas season is known in practice by overeating, over indulging, spending more than what we have, wondering what we’ll get, giving out wish lists, over drinking, and the like.

The greatest sacrifice has been met with personal over indulgence.

I’m the first person to love a good Christmas party and much of the festivities that come with celebrating. But I wonder how Christmas would look if we decided to give of self in a way that reflected the gift given to us, which we celebrate.

Give yourself away this Christmas!

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