Waiting and Walking

We are all very aware that we’re now in the new year. We’ve passed up 1-1-11 and now      1-11-11. So now that all combinations of 1 have been used up for the year I thought it was time to start blogging again.

I’ve not blogged, because I’ve been bogged. I’m walking in the space between right now. I am in a place of decision making, where I will choose which step to take, in which city I will live and where my focus will rest. This process has bogged my mind.

Many questions have come to me in the midst of discernment. One such question has been, do I walk until the Lord forces me to sit and wait or am I to sit and wait and wait for the Lord to force me to walk. In this process, I’ve kept walking.

I think we have to walk.

Walking takes us on a journey of discovery.

When we begin to feel stuck in the decision making process, many well meaning Christians are heard saying things like, “I need to wait and hear from the Lord before I step.” Many feel they need to know the whole picture before a step can be made. I don’t always think it works that way. Sometimes, I believe, we are asked to walk in the unknown. We walk towards what we think God might be doing and we work with our hands and continually pray. And with each step we ask permission and step. Maybe we’ll only get a step at a time with any kind of assurance, maybe we step with a belief and faith rather than assurance. So either way, we step.

I’ve learned in the last few months that sometimes the steps have more to do with a journey than a destination. We, as a culture, are very destination driven. And, at times, that keeps us from an adventure larger than we could ever realize.

The adventure is in the journey. The stories come from the journey. Over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing some stories form the journey.

Are you waiting? How do wait? Do you sit? Do you walk? What has your experience been?

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