Miracles in Metal

There we were on the side of the road. It was cold. It was late. And I was certain that my car was done and we’d be stuck in Cedar City until someone could come to our rescue. I called AAA, a tow truck showed up and gave an estimate for the costs of the repairs he thought were needed.

We were towed to a near by mechanics shop, which happened to be located next to hotel. I got a room for the four of us, sent out an email to some friends of mine who pray for me daily and trusted that God was in control.

The morning came and with it came anxiety, what were we to do? How were we to handle the situation. I was feeling horrid about having three others with me and I was some how responsible for the demise of their Christmas plans. The “what ifs” filled my mind. I had no idea what was to happen. We called rental car places and it was going to be hundreds of dollars. The reality of the situation made me cry when I was alone.

Some journey this was! It was supposed to be a great adventure, fun, memory making and care free. It had been nothing but.  How was it going to turn out? How were we going to get home? Was I going to have a car when it was all over?

Then I started getting the emails. The women who pray with me every morning were praying and emailing me. And hope began to fill the crevices of doubt in me. I called the mechanics shop and the head mechanic said, “Your car isn’t making any noise this morning. And I can’t find anything wrong with it. How about we go ahead and change your oil and send you on your way!” WHAT???? How did this happen?  The once, possibly thousands of dollars repairs were dwindled down to an oil change.

Hope filled the car and it was as though we could taste the adventure once again.

If I had given up at the first sight of trouble I would have missed out on the miracle. I am amazed how in the midst of darkness, God is always light. That doesn’t mean He always brings a miracle in the form of car repair, but it does mean, He is and brings life.

I will always look back on this trip with good memories. It was the year I was rescued. The prayers of my sisters were not only heard, but immediately answered. And I was not the single handedly responsible for the demise of ruining Christmas for my car mates.

Things often do not turn out how we’d like. The journey is hard and is filled with unexpected moments and happenings. There are more twists and bends to the road than we’d care to experience. And we must not give up. We must not throw in the towel or say that we quit. For it is often in the darkest moments we experience the power and beauty of light.



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