My Mind Is In the Blender

Does it ever feel as though your thoughts have been put into a blender, where everything meshes and you can’t tell beginning from end? Do you ever experience a constant stream of contradiction? Does your mind run a muck with thoughts, ideas and concepts?

Lately it seems my mind won’t stop. I go down one train of thought, only to end up somewhere quite other.

I’ve decided that it is in this place that I need to stand. To Wait. And to Listen. To cease striving. I want to figure things out. To know where I’m headed and be able to paint a perfectly planned picture of how everything lines up and points in the same direction.

But sometimes life doesn’t work that way. Sometimes things are given to you all blended together where you have to sit and savor the moment, like a good wine and taste it, listening to the flavor as it rolls across the tongue. To cease striving to pick apart the barrage of thoughts and ideas and simply sit in them and allow them to come over you. It is in the space of silence and inactivity that the ideas hit the mind like wine hits the tongue. It is in the silence that a voice is heard.

I’m in need of waiting. I’m in need of silence. I’m in need of inactivity. This blended up version of thought process is taking its toll on me and I hear the voice of my Maker asking me to cease striving and to come to Him. He’ll speak and I’ll know His voice.

What do you do when you can’t get your thoughts straight? To whom do you run?

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