A year ago I was better off

This time last year I was preparing to run a marathon. I had all kinds of motivation and I was bound and determined to turn a corner in self care. I did just that. I trained and I lived in a new way. It seemed almost too easy.  I finished the race June 6 and then life hit.

I traveled much of june and my body tried to recover from the toll the race took on my body. I then had several work related trips as I tried to establish a new routine. My work out partner moved and emotionally I was in a difficult place. I watched all of my once easily established new habits begin to fade and drop to the way side. I did my best to hold on to the last bits of my once new way of living, but I didn’t have the strength.

I’ve learned a few things that are crucial for me to maintain new habits and good self care. I haven’t jumped back into good habits yet. And, I honestly don’t know what is holding me back. But I do know what I’m missing today that was present last year. These things were crucial to my success and I believe that when anyone is trying to make positive changes these things are crucial to their lasting success.

1. Don’t go at it alone. Take friends on your journey of self care. They can motivate you when you don’t feel motivated. They will show up and expect you to do the same.

2. Put self care on your calendar at the beginning of the week. If it is not scheduled it probably will not happen.

3. Change the expectations in your mind. Instead of expecting self care to be a struggle, expect self care to be a part of your daily life. Expect it to happen.

4. Submit to a process rather than a product. Join the process of living a new way, don’t live into the product that comes from living a new way.

5. Set goals before you that motivate positive self care.  Is there life change you desire to make, put small goals before you that you can move towards.

6. Be honest with yourself. Always start today. Don’t hold off for the day you’ll feel motivated. That rarely comes at the beginning.

7. Build systems to help you. Don’t depend solely on self. Know you can’t do it alone.

Today I’m admitting I need help and need to invite others to walk with me again to a new place of health and self care.

What do you need when you’re making positive changes?

One thought on “A year ago I was better off

  1. If I was cool enough to be a blogger, I could have written this exact thing. I know how you feel. How long are you still in town. I am willing to walk/run. :o)

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