I’m embarrassed to confess this

I like to push limits, especially limits on my car’s ability to go beyond empty on my fuel indicator. There is something inconvenient about going to get gas. I have to pull over, get off the trajectory on which I was going and stop. Running out of gas is actually really ignorant and avoidable. But I do it or I should say I’ve done it. Actually if I’m honest I should I say I did it just this past week. (Dad, if you’re reading, I know running out of gas is bad for the car and I’ll do my best to keep it from happening again)

I know that many of us treat self care in the same way I treat my car. I run and run and run and don’t feel I have the time to make a needed pit stop to give fuel to my engine so I can keep going. Many of us do the same thing with our minds, bodies and spirits.

We run around participating in this, volunteering for that, showing up for so and so and going above and beyond at work, and we wonder why we’re not in shape or why we feel disconnected in our relationship with Jesus or simply exhausted.

Every person has a personal fuel indicator. It is the thing that tells you you’re in need of slowing down, taking a break or stepping out of the rat race. Mine is the cleanliness of my bed room.  All and all I’m a fairly neat person, but if life gets too much and I’ve negated self along the way, my room shows it.

What is your personal fuel indicator? How do you know when you’re running low and what do you do to prevent it?

One thought on “I’m embarrassed to confess this

  1. I still let my gage get down low sometimes…but I realize that the stress inherent in pushing that limit makes the rest of my life less pleasant.

    How do you fit in time when you have already made commitments? I am adamant about my yes being yes and my no being no. I hate being flaked on, so I don’t do it unless illness gets in the way.

    Do I have a personal gauge? um…maybe when my chair is overflowing with clothes that are too clean to wash but I don’t hang them up. Hard part is…I’m lazy…so some gauges just tell me that I need to step-it-up.

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