I love Musicals

I love musicals. I love them for several reasons. And because I know you’d want to know why, I’ll tell you: I love musicals because

1. When people feel they sing

2. People are able to work through conflict with a dance

3. Anything goes and somehow it seems realistic even for the moment

4. You can tell those acting in them enjoy what they’re doing

5. The tunes are catchy

6. Just when you’re least expecting it (if that can happen, it is a musical for goodness sake!), the dialogue turns to a melody and you find yourself moved with emotion that would be missed if the dialogue were only spoken

7. They can move a person to a new belief through the back door, you aren’t convinced to feel for a person or an issue, but you feel for a person and are moved there by music

8. They are ridiculous and I like ridiculous

9. They often involve jazz hands

and lastly 10. I love musicals because there are so many songs written for belters and I love to belt out a good song!

I wonder what would happen if we approached life like a musical. Just for a day. If we did, then when we had a crush on a boy that was unrequited we could sing “On My Own” from Les Mis. Or when we want to give a friend a make over we could break into Wicked’s “Popular”. Oh! and then when want to celebrate laughter we find ourselves singing “I love to Laugh” from Marry Poppins. In musicals we can find a sound track to life. We get to sing about questions, quandaries, heart aches, joys, sorrows, anger, frustration and love.

I wonder if we’d be better communicators about matters of the heart and the things we really feel if we could sing them? I may try it out today. As I always say, “Life is a musical, all you have to do is sing.” So today… I choose to sing.

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