20 feet of good

This past week i was talking with a friend about the importance of remembering good. I decided I needed to take my advice to heart. I’ve been in a season of waiting and listening and have needed to be reminded of the goodness of God in my life.

I had a roll of brown butcher paper and decided i wanted to fill the entire thing from top to bottom with memories of good. I am only 3 ft from filling up the whole thing. It’s remarkably easy to remember good, once in the rhythm. God is good and faithful. He has been with me through all of my life’s story.

I’m thankful for the challenge to remember good and have been so encouraged by it. God truly has been faithful. Take some time to remember good. Make a rhythm of it in your week, in your family, in your home. Have remembering be a part of your daily time with Jesus. Take time to practice the art of remembering good and then share what you come up with, with those around you!

I promise you won’t be sorry!!!!

Let’s start a list right now. What do you remember that has been good? For every comment left, I will leave a memory!

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