Imperfectly perfect timing

The road was long and it weaved in and out like a snake as it wrapped around the hillside. My friend and I had been in the car a long time. We were both getting a bit car sick from all of the twists and turns. We were bummed that the sun was setting, we had wanted to reach the coast before the sun was set. The unspoken tension in the car grew as our disappointment grew.

We had no desire to be in the car any longer. I could tell there was tension and so I decided to attempt humor to break the mood. (I should know better by now that humor, well my humor, isn’t the best way out of a tense situation) It felt like we’d never reach the coast line. We were discouraged. We were tired. We were hungry. We had been in the car all day and the thought that we’d driven all this way to get to the rocky coast line in the dark was just great!

We could tell the sun was setting and every once in a while we’d make a turn that would lead to an open space. The sun would shine through hitting the leaves and pine needles of the trees lining this stretch of road. It was beautiful. We felt a bit like we were getting the short end of the stick, for we knew just on the other side of the mountain laid the Pacific Ocean and all of her glory. But we were only going to get sun hitting leaves.

Just as we were about to reach our limit. Our crankiness was beginning to be taken out of on each other and our heads hurt for lack of protein and poor road design (or so my friend thought). Then it happened. We turned a corner and BAM! There it was, the sun was perfectly setting, with rays stretching to the far reaches of the ocean. Colors danced across the water and the light glistened over each wave. The moment literally took our breath away and caused a stillness and joy to fall over the car. It was a perfect moment. If we had arrived any sooner or later, we would have missed the pristine beauty of the moment. We arrived at the exact perfect moment to see the breath taking beauty playing out before us.

We both started laughing and the remainder of the drive was filled with gasps of wonder, giddy excitement like that of school girls and anticipation about what was to come.

To this day, we use that drive as a metaphor as we await God’s perfect timing in our lives. When we are tempted to complain, grow discontent or simply distaste the waiting, we remind one another of the drive and the beauty that was experienced. Our perspective can be so limited. We only see what is right in front of us and we make assumptions about what will or will not happen ahead.  And then we think about how God gave us the greatest gift of delayed arrival, so that we could experience a beauty we knew not to ask for.

Are you giving up, frustrated with timing, discontent or disappointed? Take time to remember a time when your desire was delayed and it turned out better than you could have planned. And share one of those memories with us, so we to can be encouraged!

One thought on “Imperfectly perfect timing

  1. Speaking of perfect timing….I think it’s amazing how your posts always seem to also have such perfect timing. It’s like you KNEW what messasge I needed to hear!

    Today is yet another day of cold, wind, clouds, and even … gasp… snow, here, and the mood of myself and those around me is palpable with dread and disgust that this winter just won’t end. We just want to see the sun and feel the warmth on our skin after such a long and cold winter.

    Thank you for reminding me that when the sun does come, i’ll appreciate it that much more. It’s easy to get lost in the “poor me’s” of daily life.

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