My stream of conscious about Good Friday

Today is good friday. For the past few years I’ve had a hard time with it’s title. Why could the day be called good. It is the day my Jesus was beaten, laughed at, mocked and killed. For the past years, I couldn’t see how this day could stand for anything that could remotely be good. It was something that had to be done. But it wasn’t nor could it be good.

Today I think about it a bit differently. Yes it is awful to think about Jesus being put on that cross, to think about Him suffering is almost too much to bare. But in fact it was good. God did not with hold suffering from his son. He gave his son, so that we might have life. Today is good, because today leads to Sunday and we can now have hope in our dark days.

My Jesus gave his very life so that I could spend eternity with him and it is good. His life is a great gift. His life is given up is the perfect display of love. His life surrendered and obedient to his Father is a divine display of the deepest love any person can encounter.

Today, is Good Friday and it is good because in the darkness, though hope was not tasted on that day, the events of this day led to the very truest form of hope. My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ love and righteousness.

Today is good. Weep wail cry and mourn our dear Savior was unfairly beaten, mocked and killed. We wail cry and mourn as our dear Jesus hung on a cross. We wail and cry as we experience the pain of suffering. But hold tight to the knowledge of Sunday. Today is good, because it leads to Easter!

In your own life’s story you too can know that in your darkness there is hope and that hope is found in Jesus, the definition of hope. The one who has risen. The one in whom we place the care of our lives. In your suffering, meet with Jesus and it will be good. For the greatest suffering in obedience is far greater than the most carefree life walking away from hope. Turn to hope even if you must walk through darkness. Your hope is found in Sunday. So walk through Friday and know that it is good, for you are really walking in the power of Sunday.

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