Sunday has come. Live in it. Invite others to it.

Sunday has come.  The day of restoration has arrived!

Breathe it in. Do you sense it? Can you feel it? Like the crescendo of a symphonic melody, there is a building of a new song. The sun has risen. The darkness has been shut out and Light has entered the world to stay.

Sunday has come.

Hope has been solidified. All that once was destroyed has been rebuilt. The ancient ruins have strong foundations once again. The dying have new life. The lost have been found. The broken have been put back together. The captive is free.

Sunday has come.

Joy and Life and Hope and Glory have risen. Lies have been overcome by truth and they hold no power. The enemy has been defeated. Death could not hold Him. The grave could not house Him. And the end has become a beginning. Breath has been restored.

Sunday has come.

Peace and Grace, Love and Faith have a home. The stone has been rolled away and He has risen!

Sunday has come.

We live in the reality of Sunday. We have reason to praise, rejoice and sing. We live in Sunday. Our hope is found in the one whom darkness could not hide. We live in Sunday.

Today as we celebrate new life, invite people you love to live in Sunday with you. There is hope and joy and freedom to be found. The darkness that seeks to kill steal and destroy is nothing but a lie from an enemy of life. He has no victory here. Invite people to Sunday. Let your very life be so evident of Sunday that the light of hope shine with such warmth that all who meet you are drawn to it’s glow. Live in Sunday. Invite to Sunday. It is Sunday! Praise be to Jesus. Praise God for Sunday!

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