Working will get you no where.

From the deepest places of honesty within each of us we realize that we often do not live out of a place of restoration or belovedness. Most of us, are in the work of seeking to work for restoration and trying to obtain belovedness.

It is in these places that we will constantly come up dry. Our work only makes each of us the god of our own life’s situation. And our seeking to obtain belovedness usually is found in hiding or managing who we really are to keep people from discovering that we’re truly unlovely creatures.

When we choose to believe that God, who is and was and will be, God who is all knowing and God, Creator of you and me, is good and is who He says He is, our work becomes believing. We no longer have to fight for our own freedom or restoration and we no longer manage our appearances to become lovable. It is in believing that we are restored. It is in believing we are loved, that we actually walk as one who is loved.

We have a choice to make. Will we walk in the truth of restoration and do the hard work of believing? Or, will we do our best to earn and hide, building a house of cards that can easily fall.

Today I am walking as a daughter, a child of God, and I’m choosing to believe that believing is enough. Obedience will come as I truly believe I am a new creature.

I urge you my friends. Stop hiding, stop slaving and stop striving! Believe.

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