Papa! Papa!

I recently was on a flight to San Jose, CA. I hate flying! There is something about being 30,000 feet in the air that is not all that comforting. But it is part of my life, so I do it often. I sat in a row in the back of the plane and was amused by the people around me, namely a four year old, inquisitive child. He was so curious about everything. I could tell he was greatly enjoying himself.

When the plane landed, he pumped his fist and said loudly, “YES!!! It’s over!” I giggled as I shared in both his words and his enthusiasm. He then said something much more profound. With both hands in the air with fists tightly squeezed, he triumphantly announced, “I get to see my papa!” From the time he first made the announcement, through the de-boarding process  and walking the distance of the terminal, he kept running ahead of his mom and yelling, “Papa? Papa. Papa!” Each time he said it, his voice carried his anticipation.

I of course thought this was just the greatest thing ever, I slowed my step and stayed behind him, so I could witness the reunion. It was then I saw a couple ahead. They were standing with almost as many ants in their pants and with the same sense of anticipation. I knew at once this couple, was comprised of a woman and papa! Eyes grew wide, smiles filled entire landscapes of faces and I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a four year old run so fast. He jumped into the arms of his papa and I carried a smile with me that continues even as I type.

I wonder how many of us go throughout our days with that same sense of anticipation to see our Papa, to see evidence of God. This young boy lived out a scenario, that I pray that I live out every day. He was fully expecting to see his papa, even though his papa wasn’t in sight, he ran with a sense of great enthusiasm and expectancy that soon, he’d get to see this one who loved him.

Do we approach our days with the same expectancy?  Do we believe that Papa is awaiting us in every moment? I think maybe for the next month, I’ll get out of bed and yell, “I get to see my Papa!” at the top of my lungs and then approach my day with expectant anticipation as I await evidence of Him.

Will you  join me?

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