Change and Trust

Distracted. Have you ever noticed that when something big is coming up that you have a difficult time staying focused? That is my life right now. I am completely distracted.

In a few weeks I am going to be moving to Denver from San Diego. In the process of waiting and preparing I am finding myself very distracted. I will sit down to blog and my thoughts scatter. I have a conversation, where I’d usually be focused and end up barely hearing. I don’t feel like I’m all here right now.

As we prepare for big changes it slightly amazes me how our whole bodies engage the change. We don’t sleep as well, we eat more or eat less, we give up good habits, make ourselves busy, become paralyzed with to do lists and for me, I get scatterbrained.

Change is powerful. I have one friend who has to disengage during seasons of change and so she becomes a TV addict. She will sit for hours avoiding the change surrounding her. Change, either big or small messes with our norm and for some of us, our norm is very important.

What are the big seasons of change in your yearly routine? What small changes have you made this year? How do you cope with change?

I am choosing to trust God in the midst of my change this morning. This will be easy some moments and much more difficult at others. But it is the choice I have. I get to choose to trust that God, who is good, is leading me to good.

Ultimately, fear of change or the discomfort of change often comes down to trust. Can we trust that God who is good, will be faithful and good in the new phase as He was in the previous phase. Although our circumstances change, His character does not. Therefore, you and  I are able to face change today with the knowledge that He who is good will continue to be so, even if our circumstances are dramatically (or subtly) different.

One thought on “Change and Trust

  1. Change is a good thing. If we have no change in our lives, we become stagnant and unaware of what is going on around us. Every change in our life is an opportunity for God to stretch us and see what else he wants us to learn. Embrace change and dont be concerned about the distractions. God is in control and you are along for the ride! It is going to be exciting to see where He is taking you next!!

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