Endings and beginnings

My life is filled with endings at the moment. I am going to a college graduation this coming Saturday. That is the end of time in San Diego with a young woman I’ve known since she was in the 8th grade. School is over for the spring semester, this means the many college students I meet with on a regular basis will go various places for their summer breaks. Next Sunday I will be attending the retirement party of a friend who is ending his 25 years at the same church. And I, I’m moving to Colorado in just under a month.


Endings are the difficult part, they are the part that cause one to feel sad, nostalgic and cling to that which seems to be going away. But endings are really never endings, most of the time, I’d say all of the time endings are accompanied by new beginnings.

One way of life or activity or stage ends and a new one begins. I get to end life wear my wardrobe consists of flip flops and heels and transition to a wardrobe of boots and practical shoes. I may be leaving one group of amazing people, but a new group will be waiting for my arrival.

Endings hold sadness, much of the time, but with no endings, we’d never move on to experience something new, to step into the unknown and feel the rush of starting over. I hate endings and this past week, I’ve been stuck in endings. My perspective has been short sighted and I have only been able to see that which I’m letting go and I’ve not been able to see that which I’ll get to begin.

To end one way of life and step into another, one has to trust that what they will step into will be just as good, if not better than what they currently have. Think about all of your single friends wanting to end their search for the perfect mate. They each trust that marriage will be better than single hood. Or think about people ending one job to take another. People only take that leap when they know the new opportunity will bring something new, refreshing and in many ways be better than their current job.

Rarely do you see people choose to end things because they have exactly what they want and are living the life that they feel called to. Endings show trust in beginnings.

Jesus came to offer a beginning. I think that’s one of the reasons when he spoke with the religious leader, Nicodemus, he said that people needed to be born again. Jesus came to bring a new beginning. But all too often people can only think of what they’d be ending and they do not trust that in Jesus the beginning would be better.  My prayer for those in my life and quite frankly the world, would be that people would trust that a new beginning in Jesus would taste better and be better than any part of life that would have to end to get reach out and take hold of Him.

What is ending in your life? Are you being prompted to end something that you won’t let go of? What beginnings are in front of you? Do you trust that they are good?

What are your thoughts?

One thought on “Endings and beginnings

  1. I enjoyed your insights and observations on endings. Perhaps because of disappointment, the hurt and loss, and often the fear that seems to accompany uncertainty, we don’t engage in much conversation on this topic. How often it is only later when we are in the place of contentment and delight that we can talk about how difficult the process is. Thank you for shedding light “in the moment” and remembering the faithfulness of the One who calls us to new adventures.

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