It is good to be home

Home. It is where we hang our hat, where our heart is as well as a dwelling place. Home for me, is found in people. I have a few places I consider home. Tonight I came home to a place I’ve not been in some time. My spirit can tell I’m getting close. My lungs seem to expand, I exhale and I experienced the feeling of anxiety leaving my body. Home.

Certain people are home for me. I see them and I immediately melt. I feel this sense of safety and belonging that is so incredibly difficult to describe in words. Tonight I walked into a room of people gathered for worship and as i looked around I breathed in deeply, exhaled anxiety and was at peace. I was home.


Even as I type the word I feel connected. I feel I belong. I feel excepted, wanted, empowered, encouraged and known. It is good to be home.

Jesus, when speaking to his disciples just prior to his arrest and crucifixion, told them to “remain in him.” Upon further study, I’ve come to learn that the idea of remaining in, used in this context, is almost like saying, take up residence with me… make me your home. Jesus was telling his disciples, “I am your home, live in me, live in my way.”

Jesus wants us to find our home in him. He wants us to know the love, safety, security, peace, trust, encouragement and connectedness that he offers and he invites us to live in it. It feels good. It is good.

He is home. He is my home.

My prayer for you tonight is that you will find home in Jesus, that your idea of home will be made new in Him and that you will remain in Him. I pray too that you will create spaces that reflect Him where people can gather and find another kind of home, here.  That you will know the power of community and people who make a place home. I pray that you will be transformed by these things and that your life will bare fruit from the change.

It is so good to be home.

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