I think somebody loves me: click here to find out who

I don’t know what to write tonight. But I write anyway. You see I made this commitment to write every day in November, therefore, I will write every day in November.

Once I commit to something I’m in…totally in. Loyalty is my down fall at times.

I spoke today for a group of high school students. Its been a long time since I’ve taught and it felt so good. I spoke on five words. “as I have loved you.” Jesus was speaking to his closest friends at a dinner party just prior to his arrest. It was at this time that he let is friends in on some very deep truths and final instructions. One such instruction was to love one another as he had loved them.

I got to thinking that those five words set apart the kind of love these men would give. Jesus loved without condition. Jesus loved. His love was expressed in many ways, and these men, his closest friends could think back over their relationship with him and recall what his love was like.

I’d imagine Peter remembered being given a new name, Levi remembering when he was taken from the bottom of the barrel and given good standing, John may have remembered when Jesus calmed the sea, fed thousands or spoke truthfully. These men knew well the beauty and power of those five words.

I wonder if they thought it was even possible to love as he did?

Love is a tricky thing. We understand love by how it was given or withheld to and from us. But this love is different, it came without condition or threat.

Where did you learn your idea of love?

I was encouraged by the study. I was reminded of the truth that I exist therefore I’m loved.
As I continue to work through the mess I’m in, this truth remains. I am loved well. I’m protected, provided for, given a new name, given life, given purpose and given a friend. Thank God He gave us a living example of love! Thank God for blogging commitments that cause me to remember, ponder and sit with truth.

May you be blessed to know that you are loved beyond measure!


One thought on “I think somebody loves me: click here to find out who

  1. Such a good reminder, my friend. Glad you are passing this on to students who need to understand this crazy love.

    Dawn Carter

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