Hot tub spirituality

I love to sit in my parent’s hot tub. As the weather turns cold, I’ve chosen to look on the bright side and choose to sit in the warmth of the hot tub. It’s kind of my way of saying, “HA! Showed you freezing weather!”

When I sit, the jets rumble and I look at the stars, watch the trees, talk on the phone or simply have a conversation with Jesus. My very favorite time happens when I lean over, press the jet button and the jets cease to rumble and there is a beautiful silence. A silence so pure that it stills the soul.

I can remember when I was in full time youth ministry and although I LOVED being with the students, there was something so beautiful about the sound of silence as I cleaned up each week. I’d say good-bye to the last student, close and lock the door and a hush would fall over the once boisterous room. It was so refreshing.

Tonight I was sitting with a friend having a conversation in the hot tub. We talked over the jets. A few of us are leaving today for a weekend in the mountains. I asked my friend what she was wanting from our time and she answered by saying, she wanted to hear from Jesus. She wanted to be still and to hear what He had to say to her.

With that, I turned off the jets, we listened to the rustle of the trees as the wind blew. We heard nothing. The roar was gone and our voices lowered. The absence of the noise of the jets was astounding. Silence.

I think I carry around jets inside of my brain; this constant noise of expectation, past conversations, conversations I need to have, to do lists, and so on. This noise goes un-noticed until it is silenced.

The silence heals.

The silence can be uncomfortable.

The silence is beautiful.

My prayer as I’m away is that I will know silence in this way, so I can hear the small whisper of my Jesus.

When’s the last time you sat in silence?

One thought on “Hot tub spirituality

  1. it’s been a while and I need it so. Reading your post reminded me ust how much. Thanks. I’m adding you to my blogroll so others can enjoy your thoughts. Love your dream, I have one too.

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