The dream….

Here’s a little info about what I do for a living. It’s sure hard to explain in short sentences, but I love it!

The Work of The 11:29 Project
We exist to Make the Kingdom of God Tangible
The 11:29 Project makes the Kingdom of God tangible by Showing His Love, Sharing His Story and Shaping others to do the same.
Specifically that looks like:
Show God’s Love Through:
1. Shepherding workers
2. Hospitalitycreating spaces restoration for individuals
3. Encouragementbeing available to speak into the lives of individuals for spiritual development
4. Advocacytelling stories of those who suffer unjustly
5. Connecting individuals & Orgs. for Kingdom good
6. ServingNeighbors, workers, and faith communities
Sharing God’s Story By:
1. Hosting retreats
2. Hosting small groups
3. Teaching:  women’s events, retreats, churches, youth groups and training events
4. Writingvarious free lance projects, small group material for churches and personal blog 
Shaping Others To Do The Same Through:
1. ApprenticeshipOne or two relationships that I pour into regularly, shaping them to live and lead to make the Kingdom of God tangible in their lives.
2. Mentoring young leaders: specifically in the non-profit, arts/entertainment, and church sectors
3. Coachingchurches as they seek to live the mission of God and make the kingdom of God tangible 
4. On-line presence, blogging and writingon a broader scale, shaping others to think of life as mission and give ideas and tools to live missionally
5. Teaching and speaking: Specifically with churches, groups, and non-profits orienting life and group practices around the Kingdom of God and His mission
The above work looks a bit like this: Caring for workers and neighbors, raising awareness & connecting individuals for Kingdom good, and Teaching others to do the same.
me in circles

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