Remembering as a spiritual discipline

I think it is important to remember things. Especially good things.  We’re a forgetful people by nature and God knew remembering would be important to our spiritual life and growth. Remember helps us to connect with God’s faithfulness. Remembering helps us to look back and see His hand working over time and gives us the ability to place hope in His character for the future. Remember is a good practice.

I’m going to do a little remembering of good today:

I remember when:

1. I drove through the woods in Northern, CA with Brittnie and just when we were about to get out of the car and scream, cause the roads were windy, the sun was setting, and the road kept going without hitting the shore…. we made a turn, the sun was perfectly placed right on the edge of the skyline, golden light danced on the waves and we were stunned by beauty!

2. God prompted, I said yes, and made a friend that changed my life

3. Donna

4. Moving to MN and making incredible, life long friends

5. God gave me a new car

6. God led friends to himself

7. Nina and Collins family at the beach

8. No whales

9. The smell of flowers outside my window

10. Thunderstorms to greet me

And sooo many more….

What do you remember?

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