Have you ever been around small children before they’ve learned that there are certain parts one doesn’t expose. I hear things from moms like “honey, keep your dress down,” or then there are the times when boys learn that they have privates and feel it necessary to talk about them.


It’s a concept that we’re aware of and frankly it is very appropriate when it comes to people keeping their dresses down, legs crossed and pants on.


But when it comes to our personhood, I think we’ve forgotten that just as in marriage, the body is meant to be seen in relationship. For the relationship to grow, one must become naked and unashamed emotionally, spiritually and most any other “ly” of which one can think.

I have been an actual mess the past few weeks. I usually pride myself in being self aware and having my stuff together, but not recently. I’ve been a disaster. I am also one who many people come to with their life issues, exposing their deepest fears, secrets and dreams to me. I am to be wise. I am to listen, and respond with prayer, care and insight, that is hopefully helpful to the given situation. So this whole being a disaster thing hasn’t been so great.

I’ve felt exposed, exposed as a person who doesn’t have it all together. “How can Cari have wisdom for me if she can’t get herself together?” I’ve assumed people would think if they encountered me in this condition. I do not like to be exposed!

Or so I thought.

Privacy has become something we’ve used, I’ve used, to keep people from seeing that I’m a mess, that we’re a mess. I’ve chosen, to keep close my mess so that people will continue to come to me for wisdom or insight or whatever. I didn’t realize that I had been doing this until recently. It’s been in being a mess and meeting others there, that I’ve realized that in my mess and imperfection I’m growing in wisdom. I’m actually becoming wise by being foolish. I am actually growing to understand deep things of God and His love for us, as I question His love for me.

There is need for privacy. To expose our deepest issues, fears, disappointments, and history to the whole world isn’t wise, but there must come a time to be naked and unashamed, admitting when wrong, tired, broken, messy and such. It’s been in my mess that I’ve actually been able to meet others in theirs.

Yes, being naked is risky, it’s painful, there’s a lot of pride that just goes out the window, but when one sees you naked and doesn’t run away…. there is freedom and there is profound love.

I’m learning to be loved naked, exposed and imperfect and I must admit it feels kinda good.



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