Birthdays everyday

i am 9 minutes late for my November Blog Fest post! Yikes….

So for a last minute blog post….

It’s my birthday on Monday and I will be turning 37. I really like birthdays. There is something special about the day someone entered the world. I love to celebrate people. I love to make a big deal and I love to speak life and truth over them.

How do you celebrate birthdays? Do you celebrate those you love, reminding them you’re so glad that they exist and give them some reasons as to why?

I think this year I’m going to attempt to celebrate people like it’s their birthday every day. Shouldn’t we? Shouldn’t we treat people as though we’re so glad that they were born every day?

Now I ramble, but truthfully… today, take a moment to love someone with words, actions, cards, gifts, and time. Let someone know you remember them. Do something just because. And celebrate someone because they exist.

It’ll do you both some good.

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