My sister & Thanksgiving

My sister and I went out tonight to celebrate our birthdays. We are a year and 11 days apart so our birthdays are close. I’ve not lived near Christy for 9 years so being able to celebrate together was special. As the conversation went on we began to talk about Thanksgiving. It is our favorite holiday. At one point in the conversation we both said, at the same time, “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – hands down.”

That was a good moment. We then began to reminisce about Thanksgivings past and why it is our favorite holiday. For both of us, I believe it was because the day was always about hospitality. It was a day of welcome, friendship, food, relaxation and communion.

Here are my top ten Thanksgiving memories.

10. Pie eating contest with the niece and nephews

9. Waking up to homemade cinnamon rolls and the smell of turkey

8. Being surrounded by people who became family

7. Thanksgiving at my Grandma’s with most of my family two years ago. Watching a 91 year old sing Karaoke should always make the top 10.

6. Being in my pajamas watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

5. Learning to host from a mom who can cook and serve and give through hospitality in amazing ways

4. Making apple crips with Cathryn

3. Molding uncooked stuffing late at night with my mom and sisters. Cooking at night can lead to a lot of laughter and slightly inappropriate food preparation.

2. My dad gathering everyone together to sing the Doxology

1. Being around a table, breaking bread and fellowshiping. Remembering good and sharing the things for which we’re thankful, in all circumstances.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving memories? How can you make this Thanksgiving a day of gratitude, instead of a day of grumbling? What special ideas do you have to make the day special?


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