Will you please help me?…..

A few years back I was driving home from Christmas in the SF Bay area and about three hours out of town my car broke down. I sat on the side of the road, with a worrisome heart, questions flooded my mind. How much would this cost? Why don’t I have AAA? How will I get home?

I called some friends who are like family and immediately they sprung into action. They hopped in their car, rented a trailer, to tow my car and began the drive. I passed the hours sitting in the Peach Tree Restaurant off the 5 freeway in California. I talked on the phone, recanting the story of the breakdown, looking for solace among friends and family.

I was struck by one phone call. My friend answered, I told the story and his immediate response was, “what can I do about it, I’m 3 hours away?” Funny thing is, I didn’t ask him for help, I just told the story. But his response stuck with me. I can’t help, that’s too much to ask of anyone, was his point. Meanwhile, I had friends who were already on their way whom I had not asked to come to my rescue.

I will never forget their kindness. I will never forget their generosity as they not only took my car away, they gave me their family van to use until my car was fixed. I will never   grow weary of telling that story. I feel loved simply typing the words tonight.

I will also never forget the response of my other friend. He thought like so many of us do.  His response seemed in some ways, expected and normal, but it didn’t make me feel loved or valued in any way. Today i got a call from some friends who had the unfortunate circumstance of their car breaking down. They were about 4 hours out of Denver. I didn’t hesitate at all. The model had been set for me, not only by my friends who hopped in their car to come to my aid, but more importantly, Jesus modeled these things.

If Jesus was worrying about being inconvenienced, he would have never come to earth and most certainly he wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of dying for our salvation. Our need is great and he went a lot further than four hours to meet it. He gave his very life.

We are all in need. Every single one of us. Need was actually crafted into us. We were made for each other, we were made to not be self sufficient. We then failed and our need became so great that only one thing would meet it. And that need was met.

So next time you worry about being needy or the next time someone asks you for help, I encourage you to remember we all have need and be thankful that someone trusts you enough to ask for help.

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