False gods and belief


So the chief priest made plans to kill Lazarus as well, for on account of him many of the Jews were going over ot Jesus and believe in him.  John12:11

I am a threat to those who desire life to go only their way. I am a threat to those who worship their idea of god over the truth of who I am. This is not only true of a world who loves to serve false gods, but it is true of you as well.

There are times when you have no desire for me to come and transform you. Your desire is for life to be as you know it. You want life to be full of comfort, self advancement, ease, and success. You do not want a life of sacrifice, a life where even your greatest dreams are submitted to me, a life where I am Lord of all.

You hear stories of those who have submitted their lives in a costly way and make excuses why I will never ask that of you. You’ve taken me and have given me a new image when what I ask of you conflicts with self interest.

The truth is that I am good and only I am good. When you submit fully to me, you are giving yourself to a God who is perfect in all of His ways; a God who cares more about your good than your comfort; a God who longs for you to be transformed; a God who wants all of you, every last part.

Your belief is found in your submission to my loving care, my bountiful way, and my life altering truth. Let not any part of you worship a god of comfort, fame, security, safety or success. In these things you will not find life, you will only find paths that lead you away from me. Believe in me and submit in all of your ways; it is only here that you will find life for today and every tomorrow to come.


I pray that God will unveil his love, care, and grace to you in lavish ways.

I pray that Holy Spirit will convict of any place where you worship a lesser god.

I pray that you will submit to Jesus.

I pray that your life will bring many to confront Jesus as they see Him at work in you.


Think of something within your cultural context that is an idol or place of worship to a lesser god: education, money, success, sports, physical health and the like. Go to a place of worship: a gym, a bank, the business district, a sports field or a school and walk around the block, building or neighborhood praying that God will bring himself to those who worship false gods. Pray that God would give you a heart for those who live  a lesser god. Pray that you will constantly point others to Jesus as the one true God!

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